Grilled Spatchcock Chicken



  1. Place chicken back-up on a cutting board and remove the spine with a pair of kitchen shears.
  2. Flip the chicken over and press down on the breast until you hear the sternum crack.
  3. If using a two-burner gas grill, turn one burner on high and the other off. If using charcoal, move the coals to one side of the grill.
  4. Season the bird with salt and pepper.
  5. Place the chicken on the cooler side of the grill, breast up, with the thighs pointing toward the hot side.
  6. Close the grill and cook for about 35 minutes or until the subcutaneous fat has rendered out (the skin will look tight and dry) and the internal temperature of the chicken is within 5 degF of your desired doneness.
  7. Flip the chicken over and place over the hot side of the grill for the last few minutes of cooking to crisp up the skin.