Developing Black and White Film

Tri-X 400 in Diafine

I'm currently processing Kodak Tri-X 400 black and white negative film with Acufine Diafine developer and fixing in Photographers Formulary TF-4.

I used to use D-76 and Kodak fixer, but I also had more time to spend in the darkroom than I do now. Diafine and TF-4 are dead simple to use, and let me reuse the same chemicals over and over. Also, developing with Diafine means I can do everything at room temperature.


My setup is minimal:

Conveniently, Acufine sells Diafine measured out to make 32 oz each parts A and B. By storing the developer in 32 oz plastic bottles, I don't have to worry about oxidation. The TF-4 fixer is the same. I got a bottle of concentrate to make 1 gal, which I store in a 1 gal bottle.

I don't measure anything; I just pour the developer into the tank. The tank holds 32 oz, but the volume occupied by the reels and spindle means that in practice, I end up using a bit less than the whole bottle. When I'm done, I just put a funnel into the bottle and pour the developer back in.

Development Process

This process is adapted from Tim Layton's. All credit goes to him.

Diafine Solution A

Diafine Solution B


TF-4 Fixer

Final Rinse